Dirndls from Germany

Since 1978, International Fashions by Ingrid has specialized in fine women's apparel imported from Europe and from around the world. We carry beautiful imported clothing ranging from sweaters, to lace-trimmed blouses, fancy dirndls and traditional loden overcoats. Most items feature lovely details like embroidered edelweiss, delicate lace, rhinestones or ornate buttons.

  • dirndl#1) 100 % Cotton,inside lined, sizes from 34 to 44 Price $ 154.00 made in Germany. Dirndl Blouse Cotton $ 39.00
  • dirndl#2) 100 % Cotton sizes starting 4 to 16 Price $154.00 Blouse Cotton $ 39.00 all sizes available
  • dirndl#3) 100 % Cotton Dirndl in sizes 4 to 16 Price $ 154.00 made in Germany
  • dirndl#4) Cotton Dirndl Dress Sizes from 4-16 Price $154.00
  • dirndl#5) This beautiful Dirndl also made 100 % Cotton , Apron Satin. Price $ 219.00 available Sizes 10. 14, 20
  • dirndl#6) Dirndl 100 % Cotton Price $ 219.00 Sizes (8-10), (12-14) (18-20) same Dirndl 5 inch longer Size 8,20. 100 % Cotton off the shoulder Blouse $ 68.00 sizes 6-16
  • dirndl#7) Very elegant is this beautiful dark green Dirndl Dress, Blouse and Apron (chiffon). Price $429.00.
  • dirndl#8) Very cheerful is this colorful Dirndl, 100 % Cotton. Apron is satin. Sizes 4-16, Price $154.00.
  • dirndl#9) Dirndl Top 100% Linen, Skirt and the green Apron 100% Cotton, Sizes 12-20. Price $269.00
  • dirndlDirndl in all Sizes available
  • dirndlTop of the Dirndl Dress is Satin and Metallic, Skirt 100% Cotton, Apron Satin. Sizes 12 ,14,16,18
  • dirndlChildren Dirndl all Cotton. sizes 140 to 158
  • dirndlDirndl is made of 100% Cotton. Sizes 14, 16, 18,20
  • dirndlDirndl Sizes 10-20
  • dirndlDirndl in all Sizes available
  • dirndlDirndl in all Sizes available
  • dirndlChildren Dirndl Blouse and Apron included Sizes 134-158 cm
Traditional and Contemporary Designs

We stock a large selection of traditional items as well as contemporary designer lines from New York, Montreal and Germany. Available brands include Ursl Trachten, Sommermann, Freya, Hammerschmid, and others. To complete an outfit, we also offer complementary lines of jewelry and accessories such as silk scarves.

Personal Service

At International Fashions by Ingrid, you'll receive attentive, expert service in an atmosphere where you can feel at ease. Our experienced staff can recommend items that best suit your style, or they can help you find that perfect gift. We are also experts at helping husbands and boyfriends through the mysterious world of women's fashion. If you prefer to have a personal experience while shopping, and you are looking for well made clothing that will last, visit International Fashions by Ingrid.